Will a Nintendo Switch OLED fit in a Nintendo Switch case?

If it fits, Nintendo Switch OLED sits.

Image via Nintendo

There’s a new Nintendo Switch in town and it’s decked out with robust features that are looking to make gaming on a Switch more enjoyable. The Nintendo Switch is already the go-to handheld gaming device, but it had some room for improvement.

The Nintendo Switch OLED ditches the LCD display for an OLED screen. The difference between these two screen technologies is easily noticeable since OLED screens work better with vibrant colors, improving the overall viewing experience. A new screen isn’t the only notable change on the Nintendo Switch OLED, though: the latest version of the console comes with a new kickstand that’s more durable and sturdy.

The Micro SD slot has a new home on the device, too, and implementing all these changes only increased the device’s weight by around 22g. The size and the form factor look similar, which may make fans ask themselves if the new Nintendo Switch OLED would fit in a Nintendo Switch case.

Both devices share the same height, but Nintendo Switch OLED is 0.1 inches longer than the regular model and 9.5 inches overall. The 0.1 inches may not look like a big deal, but if you have a tight case, your Nintendo Switch OLED may just be able to squeeze in. If your case is longer than 9.5 inches, you should have nothing to worry about since the Nintendo Switch OLED should fit in it.

If you’re in the market for a new case, check out alternatives that also state that they are compatible with Nintendo Switch OLED. While the number of options can be scarce at the time of the console’s release, more manufacturers will check the compatibility of their existing products or add new ones over time.

The best Nintendo Switch case for you will depend on your usage habits since frequent travelers can benefit more from a high-capacity case while a simple protective case can be the best for everyday usage.