What resolution is the Nintendo Switch OLED screen?

Get to know the small screen.

Image via Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch OLED is bringing a lot of neat additions to the Switch family to make it the console you should get.

On top of a new dock with a ton of small improvements, such as the kickstand and the addition of a LAN adapter, the console itself also displays a brighter, more vibrant screen that’s bigger than any other model.

Despite being a new version of the Nintendo Switch console, however, the OLED still only provides a 720p resolution in handheld mode. It may be bigger and brighter and feel different, but it’s still 720p. It’ll jump to 1080p HD when docked and displaying on a TV, though, just like previous versions of the system.

Even though the Switch OLED has the same resolution as previous versions of the console, there’s no denying that the screen looks better than its counterparts. It definitely feels different despite being the same resolution. So while this might sound disappointing, the Switch OLED still offers a totally different experience when handheld compared to any other model of the system on the market.