What is a TOFU keyboard?

Rich in protein, smooth in clacks.

Photo via KBDfans

The jargon surrounding keyboard enthusiast’s conversations can quickly leave newbies in the dust without a prayer. While much of this language is used to describe keyboard sizes, keycaps, and production styles, some of it actually refers to brand-specific keyboards. 

One such brand-specific keyboard is the TOFU keyboard. TOFU keyboards are often referred to as the best “bang for your buck” cases that come both in DIY versions and pre-built options. While knowing what keyboards have reasonable value is essential to a keyboard enthusiast, knowing where that value comes from is infinitely more important.

The TOFU keyboard, or the TOFU case, to be more accurate, is a design developed by KBDfans. KBDfans is a Chinese keyboard development company that offers keyboards in sizes from 20 percent to full-size and aims their products at enthusiasts who often prefer building their own keyboard. 

The TOFU case is a design that is sought after for its low, angled edges that encase the keycaps’ lower half in a style that’s becoming more popular as custom keyboard enthusiasts grow in number. The TOFU also features a 7-degree typing angle. For reference, a keyboard case you can compare it to most easily is the Vortex Poker, which features the same look surrounding the keycaps. 

In fact, the TOFU is essentially a clone of Poker that’s specific to KBDfans. The difference between the two designs comes down to the service of the company that provides it. KBDfans offers TOFU cases in full, 75 percent, 65 percent, and 60 percent sizes. As per usual with the company, it also offers variants that are fully assembled, case-only, and even the PCB layout by itself for enthusiasts who want to experiment with further customization.

You can purchase TOFU cases and completed keyboards from KBDfans’ website as part of the regular listings or, potentially, as a group buy product.