Can you use a Pro Controller with the Nintendo Switch OLED?

Similar setup.

Image via Nintendo

If you are looking to upgrade to the Switch OLED model or buying it as your first console, you might wonder what differences the OLED and original Switch have, and what can be used on either one.

Many Switch owners have invested heavily in their system with a bunch of different Joy-Con colors and a Pro Controller to boot. This begs the question— can the OLED use Pro Controllers, and how do they work?

While they might look different and be named differently, the actual hardware is nearly the same, with both running the same resolution display and having the same infrastructure. So, yes, you can use a Pro Controller with the Nintendo Switch OLED just like you can use it with any other switch system.

All you need to do is plug in the USB cable that the controller comes with into the Switch and have the Pro Controller plugged in at the other end of the wire. Then, why your system is on, tap the A button until it connects with your system.

If you want to use it with another Switch, just repeat the process. Doing so will unlink it from the OLED, though, so you will need to re-repeat the process to get it connected, since Pro Controllers can only be linked to one system at a time.