Can you play Dead by Daylight on Steam Deck?

You can run, you can hide but not on Steam Deck.

Image via Behaviour Interactive

The Steam Deck has finally made its way into the hands of first-round reservation holders, but there are still plenty of questions regarding game compatibility. One of the biggest concerns surrounding Steam Deck is whether competitive titles with third-party anti-cheat will be supported at launch.

Unfortunately for Dead by Daylight fans, the asymmetrical multiplayer hit won’t be playable on Steam Deck right away. The main roadblock Dead by Daylight faces is its reliance on the Epic-owned Easy Anti-Cheat. The Steam Deck Verified games list notes the game’s compatibility as having been tested on Feb. 15, resulting in it being tagged as Unsupported. The notes on the listing claim that this is due to the third-party anti-cheat not being configured to support Steam Deck.

This isn’t the end of the road for Dead by Daylight players, though. Valve announced support for BattlEye and Easy Anti-Cheat back in January. Some developers and publishers like Epic CEO Tim Sweeney think the cons outweigh the pros, but Dead by Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive is in another camp entirely.

“I can confirm that we plan on updating our EAC to support the Steam Deck in the future, but we can’t confirm a release date at this time,” a studio representative told The Verge.

While it may not be compatible now, it seems Behaviour Interactive is working to ensure the Dead by Daylight experience makes its way to the Steam Deck. To check the rest of your Steam library’s compatibility with the Steam Deck, try out the CheckMyDeck tool with the help of this guide or by consulting Steam’s Great on Deck page.

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