Who is Bonita Stone in Halo Infinite?

FInd out some backstory on Bonita.

Image via Xbox

Master Chief has very much been a one-man army throughout virtually the entire Halo saga. There’s a reason that Grunts run and hide when he appears, with some actually screeching “it’s the demon” before he wipes them out.

Master Chief is never one to turn down help, whether it’s from an unnamed Marine offering to drive him to his next encounter, or the legendary Elite known as the Arbiter. In Halo Infinite, he receives an assist from one Bonita Stone. But who is she?

Who is Bonita Stone in Halo Infinite?

Bonita Stone was a recon specialist Spartan, who has unfortunately deceased by the time Master Chief finds her in The Foundations mission. After Chief acquires The Weapon during the mission, he comes across the body of Stone in a hallway, surrounded by several dead enemies who she killed before she bled out.

Investigate the scene and The Weapon will perform a scan, determining that Stone has been dead for more than a month and that she was killed by an energy sword somehow “different and stronger” than a usual one.

Next to Stone is a Mjolnir suit upgrade, an enhanced shield module that Chief is able to use. This is the Shield Core, one of several Spartan Cores that Chief can acquire during the campaign that either gives him a new piece of equipment or upgrades an existing one. The Shield Core increases the amount of damage your shield will take before it breaks.

The Weapon remarks that Stone didn’t even see the attack that fell her coming, indicating that her killer was stealthed and didn’t give her a chance to use her shield.