What time do weekly challenges reset in Halo Infinite?

Every day and week is a new challenge.

Image via Microsoft/343 Studios

Completing challenges is one of the best ways of earning experience in Halo Infinite. Getting more XP will allow players to unlock more battle pass tiers, which will unlock awesome rewards.

Once you load into the multiplayer mode, you’ll realize that there are two sets of different challenges, which are also divided into tiers. Daily and weekly challenges reset every week, and if you decide to complete all of them, you’ll be looking at a total of 20 quests, 21 if you count the capstone challenge as well. 

The daily and weekly challenges won’t be available forever, though, since they change with every weekly reset. After the reset, you’ll have access to a new set of daily and weekly challenges. Knowing when the challenges reset can be especially helpful if you find yourself wondering whether you have enough time to complete the remaining of your challenges before the reset.

While daily challenges will reset at 11am CT every day, the weekly challenges will reset every Tuesday at 11am CT. The reset times for some of the other time zones are as follows:

  • East Coast U.S.: at 12pm ET
  • Europe: at 6pm CET
  • UK: at 5pm GMT
  • West Coast U.S.: at 9am PT