What is a Killing Spree in Halo Infinite?

You'll know it when you do it.

Image via 343 Industries

Being notified in-game by the great voice of actor Jeff Steitzer that you have accomplished something in Halo is one of the franchise’s most iconic experiences for all gamers. 

From “Killtacular” to “Killjoy,” there are an abundance of ways the game lets you know that you’re putting in work to take out the enemy team.

One of the notifications that especially skilled players get on a regular basis is for a “Killing Spree.” And in Halo Infinite, getting a Killing Spree is one of the potential weekly challenges that players can get. 

By completing those weekly challenges, players can earn experience toward their battle pass and be rewarded with numerous cosmetics and other in-game goodies.

A Killing Spree is when a player executes five kills without dying in a single game. The kills do not need to be in quick succession, unlike some other multikill achievements that players can earn for executing a handful, or more, of kills back-to-back.

You’ll know that you’ve gotten the medal for a Killing Spree when you hear the intense, booming sound of Steitzer’s voice saying “Killing Spree.”

Among the other kill streak-related announcements that you’ll hear regularly if you watch someone who plays at a high level are “Killing Frenzy” (10-player kill streak), “Running Riot” (15), and “Rampage” (20). 

If you’re not someone who tends to string numerous kills together in one life, you may get a “Killjoy” medal at some point after killing someone. A Killjoy is awarded to players who take out an enemy player who achieved at least a Killing Spree during the life that you just ended.