Walmart quietly lists Halo Infinite Collector’s Edition, sells out instantly

Fans of the franchise barely had a chance to click "add to cart" before it sold out.

Image via Xbox

Fans of the Halo franchise who were waiting for the Collector’s Edition of Halo Infinite to drop may be out of luck. Walmart listed the collection earlier today, only to sell out before anyone really knew about it.

The Halo Infinite Collector’s Edition pre-order was listed for $169.99 on Walmart’s website and would pique the interest of even a casual Halo fan with the Energy Sword desk lamp and a Plasma Pistol replica bottle opener. It also included a Steelbook case with the game inside, a set of five patches, two lanyards, a UNSC charm, ID wallet, a mini artbook, desktop portfolio, and a developer note.

But the problem is barely anyone knew about it before the Collector’s Edition sold out. Walmart listed that 10,000 units would be sold, but it’s unclear whether it sold out of all of those units or if another sale is set to take place. There was no warning that Walmart was going to list the Collector’s Edition.

Fans are holding out hope that other retailers will have the same collection or a similar one. Listings for the Walmart Collector’s Edition have already popped up on second-hand sites such as Ebay for well over $350.

No other retailers have commented on whether they’ll carry a Collector’s Edition for the game. For fans looking to score one if it becomes available, Twitter account Wario64 is a good resource to keep track of hard-to-get items when they become available. According to that account, the listing was live on Nov. 3 but most didn’t find out until the next morning that it even existed.

The general reaction to the news of the listing has been negative. Many fans either don’t like the contents of the box or are angry that only 10,000 units were sold. Some people on social media commented that they’re waiting for the Xbox Series X limited-edition Halo Infinite console, which goes on sale later this month.

Halo Infinite comes out on Dec. 8 and fans of the franchise are looking to get their hands on limited-edition merch before the game drops. With no word on whether other retailers will have Collector’s Editions, this may have been the only chance to grab it.