Tsquared Reveals Potential Str8 Rippin Roster

In a YouTube video released late last night, legendary Halo player Tsquared has revealed the potenti

In a YouTube video released latelast night, legendary Halo player Tsquared has revealed thepotential roster for the revived Str8 Rippin.  The roster,consisting of Tsquared, Prototype, Mr Blakerz and Chaser, hopes toqualify for the upcoming HCS Pro League. The full video announcement, featuring gameplayof a scrim versus Fatal Ambition where they won the night 6-4, canbe found here.

The new squad is made up ofvarious available players from around the scene. Both MrBlackerz and Chaser joined after leaving the‘Indecisive’ roster. Prototype has been teamless sincehe failed to qualify for the Halo World Championship Finals withDream Team.

Tsquared originally announcedhis retirement from professional Halo in April 2015, following alackluster HCS Season One finish. He revived the Str8 Rippin brandto play in the Halo World Championship online qualifiers, butfailed to make it to regionals. Most recently, the team played withthe roster of Tsquared, Dome, Rammyy and Shazam, failing to make itthrough the online HCS pro league qualifier after being 3-0’d byEnigma6. The rosterfell apart when Rammyy moved on to possibly team withAssault. 

Str8 Rippin is one of the most famous teamsfrom halo’s long competitive history. We’re gladto see them back in a possibly full time position and look forwardto see them competing for a chance to join the league.

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