The best Halo Infinite controller settings

Stay in control.

Image via Xbox

Even if you have the best aim in Halo Infinite, your balance can be thrown off if you’re playing without optimized settings. Your controller settings should complement your playstyle and you should feel comfortable with them while playing Infinite.

In general, controller settings tend to be up to personal preference. Players who like playing Infinite with long-range weapons may prefer a lower sensitivity layout, while the opposite will apply to close-quarter-combat enthusiasts.

The best controller settings for each player will be different, but the following configurations can be a great starting point. If you’ve been playing with a completely different setting layout, getting used to new options may take longer than expected. Feel free to make any changes, however, since your personal touches can only make the following layout better for your own use.

  • Settings
    • General
      • Button Layout: Custom
      • Thumbstick Layout: Default
      • Vibration: Disabled
    • Movement and Aiming
      • Invert Look (Vertical): Disabled
      • Invert Look (Horizontal): Disabled
      • Inver Flight: Disabled
      • Hold to Crouch: Enabled
      • Hold to Zoom: Disabled
      • Hold to Sprint: Disabled
      • Movement Assisted Steering: Disabled
      • Maintain Sprint Disabled
      • Auto Clamber: Disabled
      • Step Jump: Enabled
    • Sensitivity and Acceleration
      • Look Acceleration: Four
      • Look Sensitivity (Horizontal): Six
      • Look Sensitivity (Vertical): 6.5
    • Zoom Sensitivity
      • Zoom Level: 1.4x
      • 1.4x Sensitivity: 1.1
    • Move Thumbstick
      • Center Deadzone: Zero
      • Max Input Threshold: Zero
      • Axial Deadzone: Three
        • Keeping your Deadzone settings at the lower end of the spectrum will be essential since increasing them will introduce a delay. When your deadzone settings are close to zero, your thumbsticks will be more sensitive to movement controls.
    • Look Thumbstick
      • Center Deadzone: Zero
      • Max Input Threshold: 10
      • Axial Deadzone: 1.5
    • On Foot
      • Move: Left movement stick
      • Jump: A button
      • Crouch/ Slide: B button
      • Sprint: L3
      • Fire weapon: RT
      • Use equipment: RB
      • Melee: R3
      • Throw grenade: LB
      • Reload/ Vent: X button
      • Switch weapon/ Drop weapon: Y button
      • Zoom: LT
      • Zoom level: L3
      • A.I. scan: D-pad down
      • Toggle helmet light/ mark: D-pad up
      • Scoreboard: View button
      • Vibration: Off
      • Maintain Sprint: On
      • Auto Climber: On