The best guns in Halo Infinite

Classic weapons already familiar to fans outperform the newcomers.

Image via Xbox

Halo Infinite brings back some of the most iconic weapons from earlier entries in the series and adds several new ones. 

In addition to the classic ballistic weaponry of the UNSC, the energy-based guns of the Covenant, and the Hardlight arsenal first introduced in Halo 4, Infinite features a new class of weapons. Many of those guns feature alternate fire modes or interesting bonuses like the ability to chain damage between enemies or do damage over time. A few of them, like the Skewer, look destined to become fan favorites. Others seem highly situational or just plain ineffective. 

Familiarity with the most effective weapons goes a long way toward getting consistent victories. Here are some of the best weapons to pick up in Halo Infinite matches so far.

Best rifle: The BR75

There’s a reason ranked matches in Infinite feature this deadly burst-fire rifle as a default weapon. The BR75 is a version of the Battle Rifle first introduced in Halo 2. It has a 2x scope and a 36-bullet magazine fired in three-round bursts. It’s fast, deadly and accurate at practically every range. While the basic assault rifle, the MA40 AR, probably outperforms the BR75 at close range, it’s more effective to finish opponents with a melee hit if they get that close. At any other distance, opponents melt in the burst fire of the BR75, particularly if some of the bullets catch them in the head. Finally, the BR75 is far easier to control than the new VK78 Commando. The Commando is a powerful fully automatic rifle that’s a bit less stable and only has 20 bullets in its magazine, forcing most players to reload before finishing opponents. That’s rarely necessary if you get another Spartan in your sights with the BR75.

Best pistol: The MK50 Sidekick

This powerful pistol strongly resembles the pistol from Halo 5: Guardians and is a distant cousin of the original sidearm from Halo: Combat Evolved. The Sidekick has a 12 bullet magazine and a 2x scope. It boasts a fast rate of fire and is pinpoint accurate, making it deadly both at range and in close quarters combat. The Sidekick is highly effective at taking down opponents at medium range and works well as a finisher on weak enemies too. It’s easy to aim, has very little recoil, and its decently sized magazine is forgiving of sloppy shooting. 

Best sniper rifle: The S7 Sniper

While the Skewer is a single-shot monster that is a guaranteed one-hit kill and tons of fun to use, the S7 Sniper is the most reliable option for controlling space on maps and getting easy kills on opponents. It hasn’t changed much in 20 years; Halo‘s iconic sniper rifle has always been strong, and the new iteration doesn’t disappoint. The S7 still kills enemy Spartans in two shots to the body, or one shot to the head, and there’s still four bullets in each magazine. Each shot has the potential to kill an enemy outright, so missing a shot or two isn’t the end of the world. It’s a must-pick if you see one on the map, but expect fierce competition for it.

Best launcher: The M41 SPNKR

Another legendary weapon from the Halo series, the M41 SPNKR rocket launcher is the best in its class. There’s a few new launchers in Infinite, but the SPNKR’s ease of use combined with its huge damage output makes it the clear choice. It’s a devastating crowd control weapon if opponents are foolish enough to gather close, or a guaranteed kill on a solitary player. Loaded with two rockets, it’s also forgiving of missed shots. But just like other Halo games, it’s easy for a careless player to kill themselves with the large splash damage from the explosions. 

Best shotgun: The Heatwave

While the CQS48 Bulldog and the evocatively named Mangler are both fine shotguns, the new Heatwave shotgun is the star of its class. A version of the Scattershot first introduced in Halo 4, Infinite‘s take on the weapon features two fire modes. One sets its projectile spread horizontally, while the other is vertical. The vertical spread is where the Heatwave shines, with a Spartan-sized reticule that’s easy to line up on single opponents. The Bulldog and the Mangler struggle at anything other than extreme close range, but the Heatwave reliably produces three-shot kills on opponents a bit further away. As a bonus, the Heatwave’s projectiles bounce on walls and can net bonus damage.

It’s only a day into the multiplayer release of Infinite, and it’s likely that some of the new weapons can still find a potent niche or even dominate the competitive meta. But for now, players familiar with old reliables will do much better with the classics than branching out to new and unusual munitions, most of which seem less forgiving than the classics.