6 September 2016 - 00:53

Success of 2050 Halo Event may Lead to an Increased Amount of Open Events

With the recent success that came with 2050 Chattanooga, more open events may be planned for the future.
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Yesterday was the ending of 2050 Chattanooga. The second open event in Halo 5 showed many of us just how powerful our community can be when we are united. With a great turnout in teams, streaming numbers and with many who attended saying the event was ran perfectly, we couldn't ask for a better open event.


2050 Chattanooga was a major relief for our community. With the lack of open events that have come with the introduction of the Pro League, it has been very difficult for many to find a reason to continue competing or maintain their involvement in competitive Halo with no open events to go to. While some may attend these events solely for the money and fame, most attend these events to connect with their friends they have made off of Halo. Several of my friends from Halo have been able to connect with each other thanks to 2050 and they have been able to build friendships that are sure to last.


Although I unfortunately was not able to attend 2050, watching it gave me a bit of a nostalgic feeling. In many ways, I felt that 2050 Chattanooga gave off the same feeling as AGL did back in the day. Although the management within 2050 is much better then the management in AGL at its time, the event still let off that amateurish environment that has been lacking from our community for a long time. The players were less professional, the trash talk was a little stronger and everyone, including myself, loved every moment of it.

This made competing on LAN a bit easier for the amateur players as there aren't as many rules to follow like in an ESL event and it gave the pro players a well needed break from all the rules they have had to follow. Although this behavior would be a problem if it were to occur in a high budget ESL event, having this in a lower scale event is completely fine in my eyes.


Months prior to 2050 Chattanooga, many including myself stressed the importance of this event having a strong turnout. With the uncertainty of how great a turnout 2050 would have due to our community not having open events to attend for so long, we needed to ensure that our community was still hungry for events by providing 2050 with a great turnout. We have been able to do just that and it is already paying off. Already the buzz around future open events has started with UGC announcing an open event in Saint Louis, Missouri from Oct. 28-29.


There are also other open events planned for Orange County, California and Las Vegas, Nevada, giving us a pretty large amount of events to look forward to. With 2050 having such a strong turnout, I am sure ESL has taken note on how hungry we are for more events and will support at least one of these upcoming events planned.

With such several open events planned and the possibility of even more events to be announced in the coming future, our community finally has something to look forward to other than just the Pro League. I would like to thank everyone at 2050 for hosting such an amazing event and I would like to thank the entire community for either showing up at the event or watching at home.


What did you think about 2050 Chattanooga? Let me know in the comments section below.

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Image credits go to 2050 eSports, Sixcal Productions, Team Beyond, UGC and 343 Industires.

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