Str8 Rippin and Team Liquid swap players

Rayne and Ace were traded for each other yesterday.

Image via 343 Industries

A well-known professional Halo organization made a major roster change yesterday.

Str8 Rippin worked out a deal with Team Liquid to acquire Tim “Rayne” Tinkler in exchange for Aaron “Ace” Elam, the organization announced Saturday afternoon.

Ace brings a great level of slaying talent and experience to any team he is on as a former Halo 4 global champion and four-time event winner. Ace’s calm persona also makes it easier for him to work with new teammates.

Rayne, who is one of the most explosive playmakers in the competitive Halo scene, also is a rising star with great potential. 

With Team Liquid currently in fifth place in the North American HCS Pro League and Str8 stuck in eighth with no series victories, both teams hope that this change will improve their ability to win.

This roster change means that Ace will be reuniting with Braedon “StelluR” Boettcher, who previously teamed with him on OpTic Gaming in 2015.

Str8 Rippin’s current team now includes Rayne, Richie “Heinz” Heinz, Bradley “aPG” Laws, and Dan “Danoxide” Terlizzi, while Ace, StelluR, Kevin “Eco” Smith, and Zane “SubZero” Hearon are on Team Liquid’s roster.

Both teams are eager to bounce back from the rough start they’ve had in the pro league, and the Halo community will be watching to see if this roster change will improve either of these squads as the season progresses.