Str8 Rippin adds amateur player to replace aPG

The struggling pro team is taking a chance with a young player.

Image via Halo Waypoint

Str8 Rippin has picked up a young amateur player to replace Bradley “aPG” Laws, who recently left to join Luminosity.


APG, who is one of the most revered slayers in the game, provided Str8 with a significant slaying boost through his aggressive play. With his absence, however, Str8 will need its new addition—who goes by the name Kaotic—to fill in a very position in order for this squad to succeed.

Kaotic has spent a long time trying to make a name for himself in the scene. A talented and confident slayer, he has the potential to grow into a dominant player.

The team now consists of Richie “Heinz” Heinz, Dan “Danoxide” Terlizzi, Tim “Rayne” Tinkler and Kaotic. Heinz—the oldest and most experienced player on the team—now has a trio of some of the youngest and most promising players to lead. Str8 Rippin, who currently holds the last standing in the North American Pro League with an 0-5 record, has a chance of turning things around with Kaotic.

For Kaotic, it;s a chance to prove he deserves to be a pro.