Spacestation Gaming signs Suppressed to its Halo Infinite roster

A new lineup aiming for greatness.

Screengrab via Spacestation Gaming

Following a top-six finish in last week’s kickoff tournament for split two of the HCS Pro Series, Spacestation Gaming has announced that Suppressed will be joining its Halo roster for the foreseeable future. He will be replacing Rammyy, who was released from the team last week in the wake of Spacestation’s struggles to consistently perform and place highly against other North American teams.

It’s a fortunate turn of events for Suppressed, who found himself as a free agent on the market at the end of last month after being dropped from the XSET roster. The move was met with a lot of confusion from other players in the scene since XSET had proved to be a consistent contender at every tournament they had attended. Despite top-eight finishes at HCS Anaheim and the FaZe Invitational, desired changes to the team left Suppressed without a spot prior to the return of the Pro Series.

Seeing a potential opportunity, Spacestation Gaming picked up Suppressed for week one of split two following Rammyy’s departure. While top teams such as eUnited, Sentinels, and FaZe Clan were noticeably absent from the tournament, Spacestation’s placing in the top six appeared to still be good enough to sign Suppressed for future weeks of competition. Suppressed himself admitted the result was somewhat disappointing and “not what we wanted,” but optimistically added “not bad for a little bit of practice and minor mistakes.”

Spacestation will be hoping for the roster swaps to improve what has been a less than ideal start to the organization’s journey into Halo Infinite. But the move is not without controversy. Kuhlect, another player for SSG, noted that he wasn’t told Rammyy was going to be dropped in the first place. “Kinda cringe but whatever, people can just lie, not tell me shit and do whatever they want,” he said in a tweet last week. “Didn’t even give me any options, SICK!” A similar lack of communication around a roster change was at the heart of Spartan’s fallout with eUnited last month that resulted in him benching himself.

Yet despite the bumps in the road, there’s an air of optimism around the new lineup. Ace, Kuhlect, Tylenul, and Suppressed will be hoping to put SSG’s woes behind them, breaking into the top six in the North American region instead of struggling to maintain a spot in the top eight.

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