Skirmish Pro plans free online tournament for Halo 5

Skirmish Pro will host an online tournament for Halo 5.

Image via Halo Waypoint

Skirmish Pro will be hosting an online tournament for Halo 5, the organization announced last night.

This tournament will be a double-elimination 4v4 event, with a team limit of 64. First place is guaranteed $300, while second place gets $100.

Skirmish Pro is an up-and-coming tournament website founded in 2016. Following the recent surge in hype surrounding competitive Halo, Skirmish wants to establish its presence in this scene through investments such as this free entry 4v4 tournament with a $400 prize pool. Skirmish wants to have a successful turnout in this tournament in the hopes of planning out more events in the future. The added generous gesture from this free-entry tournament is perceived as a testament to Skirmish’s great ambitions.

For more information on Skirmish Pro’s tournament, click here.

What are your thoughts on Skirmish Pro’s next Halo 5 tournament?

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