Should 343 Bring Back Extraction?

Extraction, one of the most fun game types from Halo 4, should be brought into Halo 5.

Halo 5, in my eyes, has been a testamentto 343’s ability to push the Halo franchise to itslimits and beyond. New mechanics and abilities have redefined whatmany, including myself, believe to be “Real Halo.” Assomeone who admittedly hated the game in beta, I feared that thesenew mechanics would kill the potential of this game, but afterplaying this game for nine months, I now believe that it enhancesmy experience. With 343 proving to me that change is not always bad, Icannot help but wonder what could possibly make this game evenbetter?

For me, the only thing I couldask for is more competitive gametypes. With Halo 5 having so many possibilities in competitiveplay, Halo 5could easily have more competitivegame types that would satisfy many fans. Personally, I would loveto see Extraction come back. What many believe to be the game typethat made competitive play in Halo 4 somewhat entertaining, Extraction providesplayers with an exciting mix of both fast and slow pacedaction.

Almost like Call of Duty’s Search and Destroy without permanentdeaths, Extraction is all about arming an extraction point andholding it until the timer runs out. Without permanent deaths,defending and holding an extraction could be an endless nightmarethat truly test your team’s ability to work as a unit andhold down important positions. Attacking, however, is not easier inthe slightest, with a limited amount of time to re-arm anextraction point, team shots and being able to push through thedefense could prove to be very chaotic. With your opponents beingput in a very good position to defend, mistakes are not an optionand in most scenarios, if one of your teammates dies early, yourentire team will collapse, forcing you to restart your attack withwhatever time you have left.

Extraction was definitely one ofthe more nerve-racking competitive game types, but during its timein Halo4, it proved to be avery entertaining game type to both play and watch. In my opinion,I cannot see any reasons why Extraction should not be broughtinto Halo5. With the limitedamount of game modes we are currently using, we could easily addExtraction to the mix.

Although the game type may notwork well on all maps, I certainly believe that it would work greaton Plaza and Fathom, which both have several power positions thatcould easily have extraction points placed on them. With Extractionpotentially being a great fit for competitive play inHalo 5, I am unsure as to why 343 has not created this gamemodefor Halo5 yet. Maybe they areworking on it as you are reading this, but if not, I definitelybelieve that they should.

What do you think aboutExtraction possibly coming to Halo 5? Let me know in the comments sectionbelow. 

Image credits go to GamesRadarand Wiki.Halo