3 August 2016 - 13:02

Rumors: Snipedown Leaving EG, Joining Team EnVyUs and More

It seems like Halo roster mania has kicked off. Due to the recent in-game activity of Eric “Snipedown” Wrona, it is believed that he is making a change.
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It seems like Halo "Rostermania" has kicked off. Due to the recent in-game activity of Eric “Snipedown” Wrona, it is strongly believed that he will be leaving his current spot on former world champions Evil Geniuses to replace Visal “eL Town” Mohanan on Team EnVyUs.

Whether or not Snipedown goes forward with joining Team EnVyUs or instead opts for another team is still in the air. One thing is for sure though, the way pro players are talking, it seems clear that no matter what, he will not be rejoining Evil Geniuses next year.

EG failed to qualify for the recent HCS Pro League Season Finals, finishing in fifth place with a record of 6-8. His departure would mean that only Roy, Lunchbox and Suspector remain. Should he join Team EnVyUs, their new roster would consist of him, Mikwen, Pistola and Rayne. With eL Town, the team team finished third at the HCS Season Finals, knocked out by a close series against Engima6.

Potential movement for eL Town is unknown at this time, although Counter Logic Gaming member Lethul has suggested that he will be joining the seventh place HCS team, Team Liquid.

A name that has been brought up to replace Snipedown’s long held position on EG is open circuit player Abel “Rammyy” Garcia. Rammyy rose to prominence coming out of nowhere this season as a top amateur player, going undefeated as a substitute player, playing two weeks in the HCS. Failing to qualify for the HCS with Denial eSports, his recent twitter activity has suggested a possible EG pickup. This could, however, just be a coincidence.  

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