Oxygen Supremacy CEO: “It was best to end the brand so that all members can explore their options”

Oxygen Supremacy CEO Bryan “Syncrohs” Truong explains why the organization shut down.

Photo via Kevin Yoo

The CEO of Oxygen Supremacy, the multi-game esports organization that shut down yesterday, says he made the decision amid negotiations over increasing salaries for his Halo team.

“With the Halo team making the HCS Pro League, they asked for an increase in salary,” CEO Bryan “SyncrohsTruong told Dot Esports. “As much as I wanted to give them that increase, it just didn’t seem like the best decision financially to do so. I then thought about things moving forward and decide it was best to end the brand so that all members can explore their options.”


Though he may no longer be a part of Oxygen Supremacy, Syncrohs is still eager to maintain his involvement in esports. “I still want to manage a team,” he said. “I love helping people grow and achieve their goals, however, I am now done owning and investing.”

Oxygen Supremacy launched in Oct 2012 with a YouTube channel that focused primarily on Call of Duty. The organization expanded into esports in March of this year, bringing on a Smite team (previously known as SPL Gatekeepers) that placed fourth at the North American Smite Pro League Spring Gauntlet on April 16. On May 3, Oxygen pulled out of Smite and released the team. 

The organization then moved into Halo on May 10, signing a top amateur team known as TBD, which included Ryan “RyaNoob” Geddes, Troy “DasTroyed” Dusman, Cody “ContrA” Szczodrowski, and Kyle “Nemassist” Kubina. That team brought havoc in the amateur scene, winning four straight Open Circuit titles and placing top six in UMG Daytona. They later earned pro status through surviving relegation in DreamHack Atlanta on July 22 with a 4-0 win against Str8 Rippin. 

The organization also hosted a pair of competitive Call of Duty teams, “Oxygen Black” and “Oxygen Blue,” which played in MLG Anaheim on June 16-18. Those players were released following the organization’s closure. 

While the Halo team was also released, the players will still compete in next season’s Halo Championship Series (HCS) Pro League on Aug 23. 

Syncrohs thanked the team’s fans for sticking with the organization. “Thank you all for your support, you the fans kept us going through some rough times at the start,” he said. “Now I ask you to support the entire Oxygen Supremacy family as we go our separate ways.”

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