OpTic Gaming Buys Out CLG’s Halo team

OpTic Gaming pick up Counter Logic Gaming's Halo team.

After a disappointing season inthe HCS Pro League and a rough top-eight finish atCall of Duty XP, everyone’s eyes were peeled onthe live showing of the opening episode of Vision Season 3 for anupdate on OpTic Gaming’s situation.

As we reported earlier, theentire OpTic Halo team has been dropped from the organization. Inaddition, Nick “MaNiaC” Kershner announced he would beretiring. Find out more on this topic here.

As the episode was closing out,a familiar face popped up.

Yes, that is TJ “LxthuL”Campbell, from Counter Logic Gaming. CLG has updated their website,confirming the move as show here:

OpTic Halo’s new rosternow stands as:

As most Halo fans know, thisroster is one of the best in the game currently, and if they keepon performing well, they will be a part of OpTic’s quest forperfection in every esports scene.

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