OpTic and Team Liquid Rejoin HCS Pro League

The relegation and promotion tournament has concluded and we now know who will be joining the other six teams in the North American HCS Fall Pro League.

The relegation and promotiontournament has concluded and we now know who will be joining theother six teams in the North American HCS Fall ProLeague.

Congratulations to bothTeam Liquid and OpTic Gaming for pulling through and being able toface off in the HCS again next season.

This leaves both  the opencircuit teams, Denial eSports and Team eLevate, without a spot for next season. Be sureto follow use here at GAMURS to find out what these two team’splans are for the future.

The event started out with thefirst round not being streamed on the official Halo twitch channel.A big shout out to Richard Simms, a caster for the event, for streamingthe games himself through his phone on his facebook page. Thisfirst round was extremely easy for Team Liquid, who quickly4-0’d Team eLevate and moved on to the Winner’s Finals.Denial didn’t have as easy of a team beating OpTic, butpulled through with a decisive 4-2 victory.

During the first round of thelower bracket, the first streamed series for the relegationtournament, we saw a close set between Elevate and OpTic.Don’t let OpTic’s 4-0 victory fool you, these gamescould have gone either way.

After another 4-0 victory forTeam Liquid, this time over Denial, they secured themselves a spotin the next Pro League season. Following a rocky start with fourreplays of the first match, OpTic then managed to take theirrevenge against Denial! In a thrilling 4-2 win, OpTic knockedDenial out of the lower bracket and claimed their old spot back inthe pro league.

Good luck to all of the teamsthat qualified and will be playing in the HCS next season. Be sureto stay tuned to GAMURs to find out all the details for the nextseason of Pro League once they are available.

What do you think about theseresults? How do you see OpTic’s future in competitive Halo?Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @GAMURScom.

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