One Of The Greatest Inventions To Be Made For Competitive Halo

A new site has emerged that could become game-changing for our community.

In recent months, thecompetitive Halo community has shown its dedication to the gamewith many fans creating websites that offer fans featuresdesigned to enhance their experience within competitive Halo. Sitessuch as Fantasy HCS, which offer fans a “FantasyFootball-/ike” experience allowing users to create their ownvirtual HCS Team using every Pro Player competing. This site hasproven to be a big hit within the community, but a new site maysoon become even more popular.

A site by the name of Halo DataHive has recently emerged. Providing fans with accurate andup-to-date stats on Pro Team scrims and, soon, Pro League matches,Halo Data Hive brings something to the table no other site seems tobe capable of doing yet.

As someone who coverscompetitive Halo news and analyzes teams, a site like this willhelp improve my content greatly. Statistics are an important partof my ability to defend my opinions on teams and players, and to beable to always provide stats to prove my point will definitely begame-changing. A site like this benefits more than just someonelike me, however. Fans who may not have the time to watch scrimslate at night will no longer have to worry about missing out on theaction and can now see the stats from every Pro Team scrim thanksto Halo Data Hive.

Our community is on the brink ofa great revolution. Fans are more active, tournament hosts seemmore dedicated and a new generation of talented Pros are startingto develop who are capable of changing the future of competitiveHalo. Soon, something like Halo Data Hive will become a necessityfor our community due to the endless possibilities it provides us.Those who have tried it already recognize its value and you willtoo once you check out the site. Whichever team or individualis responsible for Halo Data Hive deserves a lot of recognition fortheir hard work and dedication to the community and the best way toshow this recognition is by checking their siteout.

What do you think about HaloData Hive? Let me know in the comments section below.

Zachery Chevere can be contactedon Twitter @PmL_Zarhaz

Image credits go to FantasyHCS and Halo Data Hive