Ogre 2 Plans Return to Competitive Halo

Ogre 2, a retired Halo Veteran with a 13+ year career and 40 event wins under his belt has decided to come back to competitive Halo, but this time he wants to work in a different area.

Retirement is an unfortunatereality that affects every professional player. Years of competingeventually take their toll and players have to stop playing.Although hanging up the controller is a process every player willface, some find other ways to continue their journey withineSports. One month ago today, Tom “Ogre2” Ryanannounced his second retirement from competitive Halo. After 40major event wins and a lucrative career that spanned over 13 years,Ogre 2 felt it was time to completely end his career as aplayer and move on to different areas in competitive Halo. Ina recent tweet from Ogre 2, he sheds more light on what exactly hewants to do next.

Many were pleased to know thatOgre 2 is still dedicated to the game and that his passion forcompetition is still alive and well. The three areas in competitiveHalo that Ogre 2 is interested in working in fit perfectly withhim. As a competitor, Ogre 2 was a player who could do it all.He could slay, run objective, support his teammates and be thevocal leader his teammates depended on him to be. With his widevariety of abilities and years of experience, Ogre 2 can help outany team at any skill level.

Many fans are already begginghim to coach OpTic Gaming, which wouldn’t be a bad idea. Withall four players on OpTic being extremely talented and passionatefor the game, Ogre 2 could really connect with the players andhelp organize a team that is sometimes just faling apart. AlthoughMichael “FlameSword” Chaves is a great fit as a coach for OpTic,Ogre 2 has many more years of experience and several more eventwins under his belt to prove that he is a much more successfulcompetitor.

Currently this is allspeculation, but what is certain is that Ogre 2 is back in thecompetitive Halo scene and he is determined to continue hisdominance within different areas of the competition.

What do you think about Ogre2’s return to competitive Halo? Let me know in the commentssection below.

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