11 July 2016 - 00:47

New Halo League For Old School Players

Someone by the name of Cody Dragon has and idea to revive the old school Halo community. Will his idea pan out?
Halo Writer

Although most Halo fans have found some sort of satisfaction playing Halo 5, this unfortunately can’t be said for all. Many fans have not been able to adapt to the newer mechanics forcing them to get left in the dust playing their older Halo games. A person by the name of Cody Dragon believes that he may be able to help out these old school Halo fans.


WIthin the past few days, Cody has reached out to several notable Halo players and personalities attempting to get the word out of his new idea. With the financial help of a small company by the name of Weedmaps, Cody is attempting to create a Halo League that will host online and LAN tournaments for Halo 1, 2 and 3. Within these tweets, Cody talked about how every week, $2,000 would be up for grabs which would be more than any online tournament hosted for Halo 5. He also talked about a major finals event that would be located in California.


Many may believe that doing something like this for older Halo games may be a major step backwards but others may argue that this will bring back the older and significantly larger Halo community that has been away from the scene for years. One thing that all of us can agree on is that what Cody is attempting to do will require a lot of dedication and support from not only himself, but from the entire community. We are not 100% certain if he is serious about this idea, but if you would like to see this idea become a reality, I would highly recommend that you look more into this and potentially show some support.

What do you think about Cody Dragon’s idea to bring back the old school Halo community? Let me know in the comments section below.

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