Infuriated fans attack Millennial for a “horrible” FFA tournament

Millennial Esports has been criticized for their recent FFA tournament at HWC Las Vegas.

Image via Halo Waypoint

Recently, some members in the competitive Halo community have been criticizing Millennial Esports for their “horrible” free-for-all tournament at HWC Las Vegas. Many seem to have been emotionally provoked by a tweet from one of the FFA competitors at Vegas, “Conerd.”

In his TwitLonger post, Conerd talked about how he felt Millennial disrespected the tremendous amount of hard work put into practice by some of these competitors by supposedly rearranging several aspects of the format and providing players with “inexperienced” referees and admins who seemed to each have their own solution to the player’s needs.

From Conerd’s perspective, and the perspective of many who have voiced their opinions, the latest FFA tournament hosted by Millennial Esports appears to have been a major disappointment that hurt the trust of several competitors yearning to compete in free-for-alls. Of course, this is just the voice of a handful of infuriated competitors, and everyone in the community hopes that Millennial will address this recent dilemma as soon as they can.

What do you think about the recent negativity over the HWC Las Vegas free-for-all tournament?

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