HWC Qualifier Tournament #5

Over the weekend, North America played in their final Halo World Championship Qualifier!

Over the weekend, North America played in their final Halo World Championship Qualifier! Despite its name, the tournament doesn’t actually award a spot in the final tournament, only Pro Points that contribute towards a spot at each region’s respective Regional Finals.

The tournament was single elimination and used team’s HWC pro points for the seeding. The winner received $1,000 split between the team as well as points based on the following breakdown:

1st – 5,000 Points

2nd – 3,000 Points

3rd/4th – 2,000 Points

5th to 8th – 1,500 Points

9th to 16th – 1,000 Points

17th to 32nd – 500 Points

33rd to 64th – 250 Points

These points totals are also rewarded to each player, meaning the first place team actually gets 20,000 points total.

Top Eight Results

1st – Counter Logic Gaming (Snakebite, Royal 2, Frosty, Lethul)

2nd – Allegiance eSports (Naded, Cratis, eL Town, Suspector)

3rd/4th – Evil Geniuses (LunchBox, Roy, Snipedown, Commonly)

3rd/4th – Team Liquid (Ace, a Pure Gangster, Heinz, UnLegit)

5th to 8th – SoaR Gaming (Sneaky Beaver, Jjx, Juicy Fruit, Winntur)

5th to 8th – Triggers Pound (Assault, Hysteria, Cloud, Danoxide)

5th to 8th – Renegades (Ninja, Spartan, Stellur, VictoryX)

5th to 8th – Noble eSports (Rayne, Swift Kill, Penguin, Calm Mentality)

The full MLG bracket can be found here.

Congrats to Counter Logic Gaming!

This was the last American qualifier and outside of next week’s Last Chance Qualifier, the teams attending the North American Regional Finals are now locked in! Stay tuned here at eSports Guru for all the information regarding who will be attending and what the final locked rosters are. These locked rosters also finally allow us to update our long neglected eSports Guru Power Rankings! The constant changes over the last two weeks have made it impossible due to so many top teams making moves.

What did you think about the tournament? Let us know in the comments below and remember to follow us here at eSports Guru for all you Halo World Championship needs and to learn who will be continuing on the road past the HWC Qualifier!