How to kill an enemy spartan with a shade turret in Halo Infinite

Getting the right map is one of the hardest parts of this challenge.

Image via 343 Industries

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode is now available for everyone to enjoy for free and is an excellent way to get your Halo fix before the full game releases on Dec. 8. Players can jump into the multiplayer for the classic Halo experience and battle enemies in iconic modes like Oddball and Slayer.

Players can also purchase the battle pass and grind their way through 100 levels to earn exclusive premium content. But the only way to level up your battle pass is by completing specific challenges, which can be tedious. One of the harder weekly challenges is the “Throwing Shade” challenge that requires players to kill enemy Spartans with a Shade Turret in PvP.

Screenshot via Microsoft

Shade Turrets are currently only available on one map: Deadlock. This nighttime map features two Shade Turrets near both spawn points. Players can identify the turrets by their reddish exterior and elevated positions. 

Players must use one of these turrets to kill an enemy in an online game to complete the challenge. You’ll have to wait for Deadlock to appear when you queue for a match and sit in the turret until an enemy crosses your path. The good news is that the Shade Turrets deal significant damage, so killing an enemy shouldn’t be too difficult. 

Patience is key for this challenge. Deadlock will appear eventually, and you’ll have a chance to kill an enemy Spartan with a Shade Turret. Consider eliminating a few enemies before entering the turret to avoid being a sitting duck.