How to get cat ears in Halo Infinite

Here kitty, kitty

Image via Halo Infinite

Feline cosplay enthusiasts now have an outfit they can use whenever they load into Halo Infinite’s multiplayer modes.

A new epic helmet attachment called Purrfect Audio allows players to wear a pair of cat ears in-game, but you can only get it by purchasing the Cat Lovers bundle available in the game’s shop.

Screengrab via Halo Infinite

The bundle has four cosmetics including the epic armor coating Faded and Blush, rare charm Tabby, epic charm Kat, and the epic Purrfect Audio helmet attachment.

Buying the bundle costs 1,000 credits of in-game currency. For comparison, Halo Infinite’s premium battle pass also costs 1,000 credits.

Halo’s in-game shop has a weekly cycle of items that rotates every Tuesday at 12pm CT. So if you’re a “crazy cat lady,” or at least like to role play as one, you have until Dec. 28 to make sure you get the Cat Lovers bundle before it might get rotated out.

Halo Infinite credits can be purchased for real money. It costs $9.99 to get exactly 1,000 credits, but there are discounts players can receive for buying in bulk. The cheapest rate someone can get costs $99.99, giving the player 11,500 credits.