How to fix the voice chat bug in Halo Infinite

Users are reporting a loss of audio in voice chat following the release of the multiplayer beta.

Image via Microsoft/343 Studios

After a surprise release of Halo Infinite today ahead of the Dec. 8 release date, developers released a beta version of the multiplayer mode, and one of the bugs reported is a barely functioning voice chat.

For now, the bug isn’t even on the known issues page on the support site for Halo Infinite. The issue is that players are having trouble hearing their teammates while they play. Some players initially thought that it didn’t work at all, but it turns out that the feature is disabled by default.

Once players get into a lobby, it seems to work for a bit, but then some players start to lose voice audio even though other players can still hear them chatting.

As of right now, there is no indication of what modes are affected or if it is affected by cross-play only, or if players all on the same platform are experiencing the issue. The only work-around right now is to use a different mode of communication such as Discord, which can be difficult when folks are playing across different platforms.

The only other way to get the voice chat to work again is to completely restart the game, but in a lobby full of people, it tends to happen often, which interrupts gameplay. Users reported the issue both entering and exiting gameplay, as well as randomly while waiting in the lobby.

Since the issue isn’t even noted on the Halo Infinite support forums yet, it’s unlikely that a fix will come anytime soon.