How to fix Halo Infinite campaign not working on PC

Try these solutions.

Image via Xbox

Halo Infinite’s highly-anticipated campaign mode is finally here and fans everywhere are scrambling to jump back into an adventure as Master Chief. While the campaign is technically available for all to enjoy, many fans are having trouble downloading it, especially on PC. 

If you have the Xbox Game Pass and already have the Halo Infinite multiplayer beta installed, there should be a new option in the store to download the campaign. But many players are receiving multiple errors that prevent the campaign from downloading. Some have reported the campaign listed as installed on their PC but say they can’t access it in-game. Others have a similar issue that still shows the game as available for pre-order when they click the campaign option in the Halo Infinite menu.

A few things could cause these issues. If the Halo Infinite beta is downloaded through Steam instead of the Xbox Game Pass, you’ll have to uninstall this version and download it again through the Xbox app. This should eliminate the pre-order message and allow you to properly download the campaign. 

You must also ensure you’ve selected the right version of Halo Infinite in the Xbox app. Make sure to select the Halo Infinite (Campaign) option since this downloads the base game and the campaign itself. Downloading the other version will give you access to the base game and multiplayer but not the single-player experience. 

Finally, make sure your Microsoft Store is signed into the correct account. Some players have noticed a different account being used in the Microsoft Store can prevent games from downloading in the Xbox app, including Halo Infinite. Other players have also found success by restarting their Microsoft Store, which somehow prompts Halo Infinite to begin downloading. 

Not being able to download Halo Infinite’s campaign on PC is frustrating. But more players should gain access to the new single-player feature as the day progresses.