How long is the Halo Infinite campaign?

Those with Game Pass shouldn't have to pay for more than a month.

Image via 343 Industries

The Halo Infinite campaign was released today and players around the world are beginning to get their hands on it.

This iteration of the Halo franchise is much different than previous games that included a campaign. Instead of missions that restrict players to certain areas of the map depending on where they are in the story, the world of Halo Infinite is open and vast.

Due to the new ways in which people are exploring the game, the time it takes to complete it is much wider in window. It will take the average player anywhere from eight to 12 hours to play the campaign, depending on how they go about playing it.

There are several factors that will alter how long it takes players to progress through the game. Achievement hunters and collectors will take extra time perusing the map to find all of the hidden things and those who select a harder campaign mode might have trouble getting through some spots. Skill also matters since dying numerous times will hinder how quickly a player can progress.

Those who are looking for every in-game item will likely spend another five to eight hours in the game. Cutscenes also aren’t tracked by the in-game timer, so if you’re watching all of the cutscenes, be prepared to spend a little more time “playing” the game to watch them.

Those who purchased the Xbox Game Pass for the introductory cost of $1 for the first month should have no trouble getting through the main story within the month. Those who are searching for every collectible and achievement in the game might have to either purchase the game or purchase an additional month to get through all of the content depending on how much free time they have to play through Halo Infinite.