How large is the Halo Infinite campaign download size?

It will depend on whether you've already downloaded the multiplayer beta.

Image via Xbox

The Halo Infinite campaign is officially available for gamers looking to play through the next piece of lore in the Halo universe. But how much space you’ll need to download it may differ depending on a few things.

Because many players already jumped into Halo Infinite when its multiplayer mode was released earlier than originally intended, you may need more or fewer gigabytes available depending on what you already have on your system.

Luckily, Halo’s support team made a post to make it abundantly clear exactly what the download size will be for players no matter what their circumstance. 

If you haven’t downloaded any form of Halo Infinite yet, installing the campaign and multiplayer together will have a download size of approximately 48.42GB.

Assuming you were as eager as many other players were when the game’s multiplayer came out early, your download will be significantly less. Installing the campaign if you already have the multiplayer beta installed will take an additional 25.86GB.

Halo’s support team on Twitter also noted that there’s a multiplayer update following the official launch of the game. That update is around 3.97GB. That means getting the campaign and updating the multiplayer will require 29.83GB.