How do you fix Halo Infinite battle pass items not unlocking?

Release the rewards.

Screengrab via 343 Industries

Battle passes are an excellent way for players to unlock new cosmetics and various rewards in Halo Infinite. Considering the time you put into unlocking the next reward, not being able to add it to your collection can be frustrating.

Players need XP to level up their battle passes, and they can be earned by completing weekly/daily challenges. In most cases, players often miss out on completing a challenge by a small margin. Go back to your challenges list and ensure you met the criteria to complete them. If you were a step short, you’d need to queue up for another match to complete the challenge.

If you believe a reward is completely locked even after leveling up your battle pass, however, you’ll only have a few troubleshooting methods to try before you’ll need to contact Halo’s support team.

Restart your game

Though it happens rarely, a visual bug can prevent you from unlocking your rewards. Restarting your game will be a quick attempt at making sure there aren’t any random bugs locking you out of your rewards.

You can also restart your gaming device completely which can also be helpful in some instances.

Re-log to your account

Similar to restarting your game, re-logging to your account can help you troubleshoot for bugs on Halo’s end, and your rewards may just unlock when you log into your account once again.

If the two methods above don’t unlock your rewards, then you’ll need to get in touch with Halo’s support line and let them take a close look at your case.