HCS Pro League: Week One Day One Recap

Today marked the launch of the Halo Championship Pro League. Check out the results here!

Today marked the launch of the Halo Championship Pro League. Wegot our first glimpse of OpTic Gaming with aPure Gangster replacingNaded as well as the first use of a veto system for maps andgametypes in Halo 5. To see the results, look below.

The biggest upset of the week was certainly Online Warriorsbeating X-Men. The X-Men were considered to be a super Europeansquad and to see them get 3-0’d this early on and thisdominantly proved this was not true.

The fact that OpTic Gaming even managed to take a game off ofCounter Logic Gaming is also widely considered an upset. CLG isseen as the best team in the world, and OG brought their newestplayer in the night before. This shows how strong this roster canbe, so hopefully we will see bright things from them in thefuture.

Fans have also raised issues with the league’s productionvalue. The major concern was the camerawork, as the observers wouldoften move into a third-person view and missed several key plays.Fans also showed a dislike for the casting combo that was chosen,Strongside and Elamite. Hopefully these problems will be sorted outas the league goes on.

On the positive side, ESL allowed for interviews with the prosbetween games that provided insight into the series that wenormally would not be able to see.

Here are the full results from HCS PL Week One, Day One:

North America

Renegades 3-1 Enigma6 

  • Fathom CTF (3-0) for Renegades
  • Truth Slayer (50-35) for Renegades
  • The Rig Strongholds (100-98) for Engima6
  • Stasis CTF (3-1) for Renegades

Team EnVyUs 3-0 Allegiance Gaming

  • Fathom CTF (3-2) for Team EnVyUs
  • The Rig Slayer (50-47) for Team EnVyUs
  • Strongholds (100-84) for Team EnVyUs

Counter Logic Gaming 3-1 OpTic Gaming 

  • Coliseum CTF (3-1) for Counter LogicGaming
  • Plaza Slayer (50-35) for Counter LogicGaming
  • The Rig Strongholds (100-85) for OpTic Gaming
  • Stasis CTF (3-1) for Counter Logic Gaming

Evil Geniuses 3-1 Team Liquid

  • Coliseum CTF (3-1) for Team Liquid
  • Regret Slayer (50-43) for Evil Geniuses
  • Plaza Strongholds (100-58) for EvilGeniuses
  • Fathom CTF (3-1) for Evil Geniuses


Online Warriors 3-0 X-Men

  • Stasis CTF (3 -1) for Online Warriors
  • Truth Slayer (50-23) for Online Warriors
  • The Rig Strongholds (100-15) for OnlineWarriors

Team Infused 3-0 PuLse Gaming 

  • Stasis CTF (3-1) for Team Infused
  • Truth Slayer (50 -24) for Team Infused
  • The Rig Strongholds (100 – 16) for TeamInfused

Dinosaurs 3-1 Realest Tins

  • Stasis CTF (3-2) for Realest Tins
  • Truth Slayer (50-33) for Dinosaurs
  • The Rig Strongholds (100-44) forDinosaurs
  • Fathom CTF (3-2) for Dinosaurs

Be sure to tune into the HCS Pro League tomorrow as well, boththe EU and the NA leagues.

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