16 May 2016 - 02:08

HCS Pro League Online Open Qualifiers: Day 2 Recap

The final five teams for the HCS Pro League LCQ are locked in for next week.
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The HCS Pro League’s Open Online Qualifiers have come to a close, and sixteen total teams are ready to go for the Last Chance Qualifier next week. Yesterday the first six teams from the Open Online Qualifier made it out of their bracket to move on to the LCQ. Those first six are Team eLevate, Catastrophe, French Toast Mafia, Clown Fiesta, Showtime and Twisted Fate. Only five teams are coming out of today’s bracket to finish our total of sixteen teams who will compete in the LCQ for a spot in the HCS Pro League Finals. Those teams are as follows:

Insert Org Here (Austin, Dom, NYSea, Swipuh)

PndaGaming (BBuffet, JR2, Psylince, SickStory)

No Barber But We Tapen (BxbyJ, Claim, Exemplify, Falcated)

G-Pounders (TimesKnight, Climax, Freezie, Ryno)

High Riders (Blasta, Boamx, Dookie, Pyrettic)

You can find the full bracket here.

Next weekend is the LCQ happening May 21. The teams mentioned above will be joining OpTic, Team Liquid, Str8 Rippin, Soul Red, and CrowdControl.

Meanwhile in the EU HCS Pro League, we already have two teams qualified for the Finals. We will be seeing Xmen and Online Warriors show up for the HCS Finals. Four more teams will be chosen from their LCQ that also happens on May 21.

With the anticipation of the LCQ only a week away what two teams do you expect to move on the the HCS Pro League Finals? Is your team still in the running for Finals? Let us know in the comments below or via Twitter @GAMURScom

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