HCS Pro League EU Breakdown

Details on the EU HCS Pro League Qualifiers have just been released, get up to date on the latest Halo eSports Season.

The North American Halo Championship Series Pro League is already underway and congratulations to Evil Geniuses for securing a spot in the Season Finals. While there is still plenty of Halo action leading up to the Season Finals, including the online invitational qualifier April 30, let’s take a look at how the European teams will be placed in the HCS Pro League.


The EU qualifiers will work exactly like the NA qualifiers; each game day consists of three matches, and each team faces each other twice during the season. Six teams will make it to the Pro League Season Finals. The first team to secure a spot in accordance to their HaloWC performance is Epsilon eSports.

The first event will be the Summer Qualifier May 8, and the eight teams invited will be based on their performance at the Halo World Championship. The top two teams will advance from this, and the remaining six will be left to the Last Chance Qualifier.

The Open Qualifiers will run from May 17-19, and these tournaments are open to all competitors and will determine who will be eligible to compete in the LCQ. The top four teams of Open Qualifier one and two will advance to LCQ, and only the top two teams will advance from Open Qualifier three.

Finally, on May 21 will be the LCQ, with four spots for the Season Finals up for grabs and the winners of the Open Qualifiers will go against the bottom six teams from the initial Summer qualifier.

Be sure to follow @HCS on twitter to keep up to date on stream times and channels for future competitions. Again, the Invitational Online Qualifier will take place on April 30. Sixteen teams will be invited narrowing it down to eight teams that will advance to the Qualification LAN Tournament May 8.


Do you have any early predictions on what EU teams will make it to the Season Finals? Let us know in the comments below, or on our Twitter @eSportsNation.