HCS Online Qualifier Results: Weekend of Jan. 9 2016

If you missed out on last weekend's Halo Championship Series Online Qualifiers we have you covered! With a few 3-0 sweeps in grand finals we're set to see some pretty competitive play come Regional Qualifier!

In case you missed the Halo Championship Series Online Qualifiers this past weekend, here is a recap of the winners in each region.

  • North America – Counter Logic Gaming

  • Brazil – Hayha Team

  • Australia/New Zealand – Team Immunity

  • Asia – Aftermath

  • Europe – fabE Halo

  • United Kingdom – Epsilon eSports

This weekend gave us a slew of 3-0 victories in the grand finals. fabE Halo won their series 3-0 over Millenium in the EU Qualifier, while Aftermath also earned a 3-0 sweep over rochavefun from the Asia Qualifier. Then, Team Immunity was able to lock in their seat for the Regional LAN event with a win against Prime. Finally, Counter Logic Gaming was the North American team to qualify and Epsilon solidified their spot for the UK finals next week. Be sure to watch GfinityTV on Twitch for the UK finals.

Also worth noting, it seems that the Brazil qualifiers have been moved to the official Halo channel, along with the other qualifier locations as well this past weekend. Keep an eye on the official Halo channel as opposed to the esl_halo channel just in case if you watch on Twitch. ESL still broadcasts from the official Halo channel so there is no concern for those trying to show support for the ESL community. It certainly makes it much more convenient to have the entire event broadcast under one channel however, so hopefully this is a permanent change.

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