HCS Issues Statement on Pro League Violations

With Week 2 of the HCS Pro League getting ready to take off tomorrow, ESL was able to come to a conc...

With Week 2 of the HCS Pro League getting ready to take off tomorrow, ESL was able to come to a conclusion on how they will handle last week’s situation when Enigma6 faced off against OpTic Gaming. 

For those who are unclear about what occurred last week, Enigma6 member Braedon “StelluR” Boettcher was constantly quitting out of the games and after doing an investigation, ESL was able to come to the conclusion that StelluR’s account was constantly being logged out of by another Xbox he didn’t have access to. ESL also came to the conclusion that the person logging into StelluR’s account while the match was being played did it with the specific intention to make StelluR quit due to the fact that StelluR’s account was not on this Xbox until that time.  

As punishment, ESL will be reducing all prize money Enigma6 players will earn by five percent and E6 player Carlos “Cratos” Ayala Jr will receive an extra five percent reduction for additional violations.

This is a very unfortunate conclusion to a very controversial situation that has many different stories tied into it. This team is in a very sensitive situation at the moment and a punishment like this will only add more fuel to the fire.

Nevertheless, what happened was very immature, and as professional players, you are expected to take responsibility for your actions. They were under complete control for their actions and considering that this is only five percent, with the exception of Cratos, who will receive a 10 percent reduction, I would view this as a bit of a reliever considering the punishments other leagues have placed on their players to make an example out of them.

To read ESL’s entire post, click here.

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Image credits go to Cratos, Halo eSportWikis and Enigma6