Haven Remake Coming To Halo 5

343 recently made a tweet announcing their newest map, named Mercy.

The past few Halo 5 Arena DLC maps have been a pretty bigdisappointment to many. With most being spinoffs of the initialmaps released at launch, their lack of creativity and overall baddesign has caused the community to reject almost every single DLCmap to be used in Team Arena. Fortunately for us, things mayfinally start to change for the better. 

Recently, 343 made a Tweetannouncing the release of their newest DLC Arena map named Mercy,which will be released on Sept. 8.

Although the lack of creativitycontinues to be a problem in this DLC, many seem to be confidentthat a remake of Halo4’s popular mapHaven will be a great addition to the competitive mappool.

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Image credits go to 343Industries