Halo Rostermania – The Damage Thus Far

As is typical for the days following a major event, we've seen some significant changes to the rosters of various Halo teams.

As is typical for the days following a major event, we’ve seen some significant changes to the rosters of various Halo teams. Preparing for the upcoming HCS league, teams are scrambling to build the best squad that they can in as little time as possible. It’s important to remember though that none of these are really final. It wouldn’t be the first time that a new team forms and then breaks up before they play in any actual tournaments. Nonetheless, here’s everything that has happened in the week since the conclusion of the Halo World Championship.

Allegiance Implodes 

Following Suspector’s departure for greener pastures and an Evil Geniuses jersey, things only got worse for Allegiance fans. It was quickly announced that Cratos would also depart and soon drama emerged. Naded announced they he was also no longer with the organization and made claims of backstabbing against the owner of the organization. The owner has, of course, refuted these claims, but it looks like we’ll probably never know the whole truth of the situation. The only player who is still currently tied to the team is  eL Town. We aren’t exactly sure of what the plans are, but there are a few rumours flying around about what he and Allegiance might end up announcing in the coming days. Keep reading to find out what that may be.

OpTic Reconsiders 

OpTic Gaming has decided to once again re-haul their roster. This time they’ve released the two lesser known players from the team, not a big surprise for an organization that operates with immense star power in mind. This has left both  Chaser and  Lifestyle team-less, with the remainder of the OpTic roster being  Flamesword and  Maniac. It’s currently  unknown what the team’s plans for the future are, but we’re sure that we’ll get a nice video series out of it.

Team EnVyUs Tries Again 

Little is known about the changes made by EnVyUs. Our only source of information is a post by  Mikwen on Team Beyond stating that only he and  Pistola remain on the roster. This leaves  Ogre 2 and  Arkanum as free agents.

Renegades Are No More… Maybe 

The Renegades roster has disbanded. All members of the team, including  NinjaSpartanVictory X, and  Stellur are supposedly gone. The team cites the lack of consistency in their performance as the source of their dissatisfaction. It seems that they’ve decided they’d rather part ways than work out the problems. This might not be the end of the team, however. Some rumours suggest that  Ninja and  Victory X  might not be leaving after all.


team allegiance
The owners and fans of Allegiance awaiting the next match at Halo Regionals.

Now that everything that has been confirmed is out of the way, let’s move on to the rumours that have floated through Twitch streams and Team Beyond posts.

It seems likely that the new Team Allegiance will consist of Spartan, Stellur, eL Town, and UnLegit. This is based on them scrimming together and various tweets from different pros. It’s important to note here though that this rumour, and all those that follow it are just that: rumours. We don’t know for sure what’s going to happen and even if these rosters are what players are planning, that doesn’t mean things are going to turn out this way.

Due to a specific tweet by the team’s manager, it looks like TeamYP, the organization funded by the pornographic website “YouPorn”, might be considering a Halo roster. TeamYP currently has numerous players and teams in multiple games.

Another organization rumoured to finally be getting involved in the scene is Team Solo Mid. It’s unclear which team they would pick up as there have been multiple rumours, but this is likely another case of the boy who cried wolf. People have been talking about the possibility of TSM since the start of the HCS and we’ve yet to see anything materialize from it.

Based on what Shooter has said to his Twitch stream viewers, it appears that he and Ryanoob are set to be a team of two right now. This means that they’re looking for another two players to start their team and qualify for the league.

Ninja and Victory X are rumoured to be staying with the Renegades brand, bringing on Ogre 2 and Commonly. The group has been running games consistently, with a few other players subbing in and out with Commonly. This is one of the rosters rumoured to be a possible TSM pickup, but there’s also a strong chance that this is just the result of pros trolling. The team, however, certainly has the star power to be given a chance by the TSM brand.

Finally, there’s a weak rumour that EnVyUs may be picking up Rayne and Penguin to finish off their team. This would certainly be a big change from Arkanum and Ogre 2, but only time can tell.

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