Halo Infinite’s first seasonal event, Fracture: Tenrai, now live

Wake the f**k up samurai, we have an armor set to earn.

Image via Microsoft/343 Studios

The first of what will be several seasonal events for Halo Infinite multiplayer, the Fracture: Tenrai event, is now live as of 12pm CT on Nov. 23. The event will be live across three separate weeks over the next couple of months during the game’s first season, Heroes of Reach.

Participating players can start earning progress by completing event challenges that you can find in the Challenges tab in-game. There are 30 total rewards to be earned including XP boosts, backdrops, nameplates, and, of course, the legendary Yoroi armor core. The Tenrai: Fracture event is a free event for all players to enjoy—no pass purchase necessary.

The first week of the Tenrai: Fracture event will last from today until Nov. 29. The second week of the event will run from Jan. 4 to 10, while the third and final week will run from Feb. 1 to 7.

Most of the seasonal challenges involve competing in Fiesta matches, which are accessible via the special Fiesta playlist from the primary multiplayer menu. Players will spawn into Fiesta matches with random weapons across a variety of the smaller Arena maps.

“There will be events that feature special playlists, challenges, and free rewards” across all of the game’s seasons, according to 343’s Halo Infinite multiplayer announcement.