Halo Infinite to release holiday 2021 with free-to-play multiplayer

Master Chief will make his return later this year.

Image via Microsoft

After a disappointing campaign reveal in 2020, which caused a delay to 2021, 343 Industries came back strong in 2021 with their Halo Infinite multiplayer reveal at E3 today. The long-awaited return of Master Chief will release “this holiday” and will include both a new campaign and multiplayer. The game will launch on Xbox Game Pass day one.

Halo has been in an interesting spot over the years with the turbulent release of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, which saw connectivity issues plague the game for years. Halo 5: Guardians was received well critically but split the fan base with some liking its new direction while others clamored for classic Halo multiplayer.

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer will be “barrier free.” Xbox announced the mode to be free to play. The game looks like it will be returning to its roots while some innovative new features and abilities for players, such as a grapple hook, were on display in the trailer. After the disappointing reveal last summer, the reception to Halo Infinite has been very positive this time around.

One omission from the multiplayer reveal was the announcement of a battle royale mode, which has been frequently discussed by the Halo community. While holiday season is vague, the 20th anniversary of Halo: Combat Evolved is November 15, 2021. We could see Halo: Infinite release sometime around that date.