Halo Infinite player kills 23 enemies with one sniper rifle bullet

Check out this incredible clip.

Image via 343

One Halo Infinite player recently proved that a single sniper rifle bullet can kill 23 enemies without issue, but only if they’re set up in a straight line. 

Halo Infinite’s sniper rifle is one of the best power weapons in the game. One bullet completely destroys an enemy’s shields and a headshot is an automatic kill even if a player has a full shield. Players who can hit their shots can easily kill multiple enemies with a sniper rifle and it’s possible to get a collateral by killing multiple enemies with a single bullet. Most players likely don’t know that you can actually kill an entire lobby with one shot, though. 

Halo player sakanayalugang posted a short clip of them killing 23 enemies with a single bullet, showing how powerful the sniper rifle is. An entire lobby lined up to test how many people would die from a single shot and it turns out a single bullet can kill 23 enemies with ease. The bullet did take a few seconds to make it through every player, but it still killed them all in the end. 

Most players will never encounter a perfect line-up like this in a real game, but it’s fun to know just how powerful the sniper rifle is. Some players suggested using the grappling hook to try and make it to the end of the line after firing the shot, which might mean it’s possible to kill 24 players with a single shot. Maybe someone will test that theory soon.