Halo Infinite multiplayer overview video reveals details on customization, battle pass, and more

It's a new Halo experience expired by the old.

343 Industries has offered some more details about Halo Infinite’s upcoming free-to-play multiplayer mode, which will launch alongside the game’s campaign this holiday season.

The 12-minute video offered information about what players can expect from some of the game’s modes, as well as expansive customization options and what’s different about the multiplayer mode due to it being free-to-play instead of included in the game’s purchase package.

343 said it wanted to make Infinite “a celebration of previous Halo as well as an iteration of where Halo can go next,” so the base multiplayer experience might feel like a bit of a hodgepodge of both new and old features and aesthetics. The team also confirmed that the mode will feature cross-play and cross-progression between PC and Xbox consoles.

The level of customization in the game looks incredible, allowing players to customize nearly every piece of their Spartan’s armor, including colors, textures, patterns, armor pieces, and more. All pieces of customization will be unlocked through playing the game, 343 said, and the game will be supported with a ton of new post-launch content.

“New maps, new modes, new ways to customize your Spartan,” said Halo Infinite creative lead Joe Staten. “Launch is just the beginning. Now, we’re just going to be able to talk, interactive more frequently. And that’s just gonna be great, that’s the future of Halo Infinite multiplayer.”

Image via Halo/YouTube

Each season of Halo Infinite multiplayer will have a battle pass, with the pass offering new items like armor pieces and other customization options. What’s cool about these battle passes, though, is that once you unlock them, you have them forever. The pass won’t go away at the end of each season, so you can continually play and level them up until you finish.

Playable tests for Halo Infinite will be available through the Halo Insider program, where players can sign up and hope to receive an invite to try out and test the game before it comes out later this year.