Halo Infinite Early Access Digital Bundle appears on Microsoft Store

Fans might be able to enjoy the new game early.

Image via Xbox

A Halo Infinite Early Access Digital Bundle has been spotted on the Microsoft Store, indicating fans might be able to access the game earlier than its release on Dec. 8. 

As reported by Twitter user Aggiornamenti Lumia, a new listing for an “Early Access Digital Bundle” has appeared on the Microsoft Store, containing Halo Infinite multiplayer. Four new Halo Infinite DLCs have also been listed, which might be included in the bundle. 

The bundle isn’t currently listed as a Halo Infinite bundle, but that will likely change when it’s officially revealed. Fans can likely expect Halo Infinite’s campaign to be included in the bundle, which will be released on Dec. 8 alongside the free-to-play multiplayer mode. 

Infinite is the ambitious upcoming title in the iconic Halo series. Players will once again play as Master Chief as they take on the Banished across the Zeta Halo. Infinite features a large open map with points of interest to explore and a new customization system to fine-tune Master Chief’s abilities. 

Fans will have to wait for Halo Infinite’s co-op mode, which won’t be available at launch and is coming in 2022. But there’s still a lot of exciting content to hold you over in the meantime. 

Microsoft has not officially revealed the Early Access Digital Bundle and it’s unclear how early players can enjoy the upcoming title. But the listings indicate a reveal might be on the horizon.

Halo Infinite will be released on Dec. 8.