Halo Infinite director clears air on absence of campaign content at Gamescom

Fans were worried after no campaign footage was shown at Gamescom.

Image via 343 Industries

Players who were hoping for 343 to unveil further details about the Halo Infinite campaign at Gamescom were left disappointed after the only thing shown was a multiplayer preview.

This isn’t because things are going poorly, though, according to Joseph Staten, head of creative for Halo Infinite. It’s because things are going well.

“I would like to share, however, that right before I left for Los Angeles, I had to pause a full playthrough of Campaign that I started late last week,” Staten said in the latest Inside Infinite. “I’m going for a 100% run, which means completing all primary and secondary missions, finding all collectibles etc. I’ve played Infinite’s Campaign multiple times. But every time I do, I always find something new, tucked away on Zeta Halo.”

Staten elaborated that 343’s focus is now on “sticking the landing.” He claimed that showing small previews takes time that the team could use to squash more bugs and polish the single-player elements to perfection.

“I hope all of you take comfort from the fact that, honestly, I can’t wait to get back home, fire up the build, and hit ‘Continue’ on the Campaign,” Staten said. “No matter how many times I play, Halo Infinite remains, fundamentally, super fun to play—and we’re very eager to share all the fun with you through captured gameplay, trailers, and other content once we get this plane safely on the ground.”

The Infinite team is ultimately taking on a tall task. They’re trying to ensure that the game runs well on nearly decades-old equipment and equipment that was released within this calendar year. This calls for many variations of bug fixing and testing and is very time-consuming.

Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer will be free to play, but the single-player content will cost gamers a pretty penny. Old-school Halo fans absolutely love the lore and story, and a robust single-player experience is a key to a Halo main-line game launching well.

Infinite is now set to be released on Dec. 8.