Halo Infinite dataminers claim they found proof of battle royale mode

I wouldn't recommend getting your hopes up though.

Screengrab via Halo

With players getting their first chance to try out the upcoming Halo Infinite multiplayer over the past weekend, dataminers have been actively looking through the code for its secrets and they believe to have stumbled upon proof that the game will be receiving its own battle royale mode.

The alleged proof from this weekend was posted to ResetEra forum and is seemingly an audio file taken from the game where the announcer, Jeff Steitzer, can be heard introducing the battle royale mode. Aside from the word of these leakers, however, there hasn’t been any confirmation that the audio did come from the game. This still hasn’t stopped fans from getting their hopes up over the potential of battle royale mode being a part of the finished product.

Battle royale games saw a massive spike in popularity over the past five years, with many of the major FPS titles, including Call of Duty and Battlefield trying their hand at the game mode. With the announcement of Halo to return in 2021, fans have speculated 343 Industries would do the same despite the developer saying it has no plans to implement battle royale into its game.

While it doesn’t seem likely that there will be a battle royale mode in Halo Infinite, fans will need to wait until the game’s multiplayer portion launches later this year to rule it out entirely.