Halo Infinite and Monster Energy team up for unlockable in-game content

Get ready to load up on energy.

Image via Xbox

Halo Infinite’s delay into 2021 hasn’t stopped a partnership between the game and Monster Energy.

In the U.S. between Sept. 1 and Dec. 31, limited-edition Monster Energy cans will come with 30-minute double XP codes, sweepstakes entries, and the ability to unlock in-game content.

Image via Xbox

The content, available whenever Halo Infinite launches next year, includes the Monster-aesthetic Adrenal weapon coatings for the BR75, MA50, VK78 Commando, and MK50 Sidekick. There are also two player and weapon emblems.

Players must save their receipts and upload them to a special Halo and Monster website. Each can will also feature a code that can be used on Snapchat to unlock a special filter with Master Chief.

A promotion like this was likely months in the making and was due to fit in alongside Halo Infinite’s original launch window of this holiday season. Now that it’s delayed, though, the promotion is continuing on anyway.

The Xbox Series X is coming this holiday season, but Halo Infinite will now launch in 2021. More information about the Monster partnership can be found on Xbox’s website.