Halo and Dr. Squatch create new soap called Spartan Scrub

Shower like a Spartan.

Image via Dr. Squatch

“Feel like a man, smell like a hero” is the slogan for Dr. Squatch’s newest soap called Spartan Scrub, which is a collaboration between the popular soap subscription company and Halo.

The soap uses Sevenbark Root, Ralangal Root, and Bishops Wart to create a scent of silver sage, yuzu, and cedarwood. There’s light exfoliation, which is normal for most of Dr. Squatch’s lines. The soap is a forest green color with swirls of orange in the bar, representing the color of Master Chief’s armor.

Although Dr. Squatch has a subscription service, Halo fans looking to try out the soap can grab a bar as a one-time purchase for $8 per bar. There’s no indication on how long the soap will be available for, but the Star Wars collection that was released by the company a few months ago is still in stock and available for purchase. So if that collection is any indication, this Halo soap may be available for a long period of time.

This release comes just over a month before Halo Infinite is set to release on Dec. 8. The new chapter in the Halo series is highly anticipated, especially after its release was pushed back to this year due to complaints from fans about the appearance of the game and other factors.

Earlier this year, fans also saw the release of a limited-edition Xbox Series X Halo Infinite bundle and a limited-edition controller. The limited-edition Xbox sold out quickly and is now unavailable, while the elite wireless Xbox controller releases on Nov. 15.